✍️Documenting some Adobe Lightroom tips, tricks, and shortcuts

In this article, I list out the tips, tricks and shortcuts which can be helpful for beginner Lightroom users. This article will be updated continuously to discuss more useful Lightroom content.

✍️Documenting some Adobe Lightroom tips, tricks, and shortcuts
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Tip #1: How to rotate an image from landscape to vertical and vice-versa (Windows app)

Use the Photo button on the top left -> 'Rotate Left' or 'Rotate Right' (shortcut: Ctrl + [ or Ctrl + ])

Tip #2: How to reverse the aspect ratio while cropping (Windows app)

First click on Crop window (crop shortcut: R) and on the keyboard, press button X (shortcut: for reversing the crop)

Tip #3: Shortcut to change Grid overlays in crop tool (Windows app)

Hit “O” when using crop tool.

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