🔥 Breath-taking 360° photograph up in the air

In this article, I discuss about Darren Jew's unique fish-eye photograph of the Tavurvur Volcano and myexperience of creating my first ever 360° photo.

🔥 Breath-taking 360° photograph up in the air
Round view of 360° picture - clicked by yours truly

When I saw the first episode of Tales by Light's Season 1 on Netflix, I was captivated by how Darren Jew showcased his process of taking pictures as he captured mating humpback whales in Tonga, a 70-year-old biplane wreck and an active New Guinea volcano.

One scene that stuck with me was where Darren sends out a drone to capture the volcano with a fisheye lens attached to his camera.

'Darren's unique fish eye photograph of the Tavurvur Volcano' was magical to me.

The below photograph showcases how a fish eye photograph looks.

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Sample photograph of Fisheye lens

After a long wait, I also took a similar photograph. I do not have a fish eye lens, but I could capture a 360° picture with the help of my drone. Viewing 360° photographs felt magical! I have included the image below so that you can also experience it.

View the 360° photograph

I captured this image with the help of DJI Mini 3 Pro, and I plan to take many more such photographs!

Don't miss out on checking my photography work on IG: @worthyphotographer :)

I also created a video explaining the way a 360° photograph looks. If the above image is not loading correctly, please look at it in the video below! :)

Explanation of 360° photograph


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