✍️Does consistency win over quality?

Would you pick an inconsistently available, Great fruit bowl seller or a consistently available, good enough one?

✍️Does consistency win over quality?
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In my city, there is a fruit bowl seller, let's call him a Great fruit bowl seller, who has an excellent eye for identifying sweet and delicious fruits and selling them cut into bowls to the customers. Not surprisingly, I am one of his customers.

This fruit bowl seller is ten minutes from my place, and there are various other fruit bowl sellers during this ten-minute walk. They charge the same, but their fruit quality isn't that great. They are of good quality but compared to the Great fruit bowl seller's fruit bowl, they are not good.

I only recently discovered a Great fruit bowl seller, and I visited him frequently whenever I wanted a fruit bowl. Initially, I felt good, but then a problem arose.

The problem was his inconsistency.

He's not available to sell every day. He doesn't maintain a timetable also. It's as if he went in search of great fruits and disappeared for a few days. Once I asked about his absence, and he just gave a smile - which I felt was a zero-mark answer.

Anyways, long story short, I can't trust this Great fruit bowl seller to be available when I need a fruit bowl the most, and it has become frustrating that I will have to cross all the good enough fruit bowl sellers to reach this great fruit bowl seller and only to find him absent.

After observing for a few weeks, I shifted from relying on the Great fruit bowl seller to good-enough fruit bowl sellers.

I always think about visiting the Great fruit bowl seller, but then the unreliability of his presence bothers me and wastes my time.

So, Great fruit bowl seller thanks for your time! :)

What would you pick if you were in my situation? An inconsistent Great fruit bowl seller or a consistently available, good enough fruit bowl seller? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Do you know of situations where consistency can become a dominating factor?

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