Why was I so miserable during my farewell?

Why was I so miserable during my farewell?
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Recently I visited my cousin's pre-convocation dinner. A brilliant evening with a lot of happy and energetic faces, and I was glad that I didn't miss the opportunity. Besides the happy faces, there was a lot of good food. I'll visit convocation parties more often if students invite me 😝

Almost every student from my cousin's class attended the event as it was organised right after their exams.

This is in contrast to what happened during my convocation. Many of my classmates didn't participate in our convocation as it was organised months after the last exam, and hence most people were busy either with their jobs or were busy pursuing their higher education.

Though many missed out on Convocation, we did celebrate our farewell. This event was organised when we were in our final year. Since everyone was still in college, it was easy to find all my friends.

When I was at my cousin's convocation, the only thought that was running through my mind was, "Why was I so miserable during my farewell?"

I can recall the reason. I was miserable because I didn't hold a decent job at the time. Society expects college students to get an excellent job by the end of college; otherwise, they are a failure.

I felt that I showcased one of the most inexperienced attitudes during that time. Frankly, I was ignorant.

Having crossed that path, I recommend people to pat themselves on the back and enjoy the farewell and convocation days, regardless of their situation.

You don't know what life has in store for you. Not getting a job feels terrible, but what hurts you is the bitter feeling you go through while re-visiting your memories. Even if you become highly successful, these memories stay with you. Work towards making them wonderful.

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