🤔What does it mean if we can control an Air Conditioner (AC) using a mobile?

In this article, I talk about a fun yet scary use of technology.

🤔What does it mean if we can control an Air Conditioner (AC) using a mobile?
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I went to a restaurant in Bangalore a few years ago with two friends. We sat near the empty table, started chit-chatting, and finished ordering the food.

I could sense something was off while we were waiting at the table. After a few minutes, one of my friends complained that the temperature was too cold. Yeah! It was bone-biting cold.

A single air conditioner was in the hall, pushing cold air on our table. We requested the waiter to increase the temperature, but they grudgingly increased only a single point because it helped other tables stay comfortably cool.

After a few minutes, it was clear that we should switch tables, but none were empty. I understood why our table was open when we arrived, but it was too late. We had already placed our order, and the waiter was not very helpful with increasing the temperature. We thought of leaving the place, but we loved their food. So, we stayed back.

As we were getting drained in discomfort, arrived, our fourth friend for whom we were waiting. Looking at our faces, he knew something was off and asked about it.

After listening to the problem, he gave a proud and cynical smile, opened his cell phone, told us to show normal behaviour and increased the air conditioner's temperature with his mobile phone's help. We were shocked but happy about the situation. We had our food and left the restaurant.

Later I learnt that his phone could control most of the TVs and ACs in the market.

From our point of view, it was a boon and a lot of fun.

But if we look from the restaurant's point of view. Someone who they don't know manipulated the AC is scary. What happens if someone can use the mobile to switch on the AC at night and keep the minimum temperature possible when no one is around?

What if someone can control your TV to have the maximum volume possible?

As more and more technological advancements happen, what should we keep in mind while building or using these new technologies?

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