😃 How to introduce yourself as a new tenant in a small apartment complex

In this article, I narrate how my friend introduced himself to all the members of an apartment complex when he shifted to this new apartment complex.

😃 How to introduce yourself as a new tenant in a small apartment complex
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Recently, I met a college friend after several years. He had relocated to a new city, and we discussed many things. While we were catching up on our lives, he discussed what he did in the early days of relocating to this new city to introduce himself to all the tenants in the apartment building.

This is a small apartment complex with five to six flats. Hence, it is easy to follow this sweet trick.

He was very brief regarding the explanation, but this is what I imagined he would've done!

After getting rest from all the relocation chores, he went to the supermarket to buy chocolates, decorative items, and A4 sheets.

He wrote an A4 sheet, an introductory note with a miniature painting and pasted it to the main hallway.

He decorated the area around the hallway and kept all the chocolates on a small stool, with a note saying "help yourself!" near the introductory poster he had posted.

In my opinion, it is a simple idea, and I felt nice listening to this idea. This gesture from a new tenant makes me at least take the initiative to knock on the door and say, "Welcome!"

How would you receive a new tenant if they did something like this? Let me know in the comments below, or drop me an email.


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