Learning to fly a drone and (three + one) dimensional space

In this article, I am talking about the difficult of learning to fly a drone.

Learning to fly a drone and (three + one) dimensional space
Photo by Dexter Fernandes / Unsplash

Learning to cycle felt challenging as a child because balancing on two thin tires wasn't easy.

After that, I learned to drive a motorcycle and a car, both of which have challenges. I had to understand the concept of gear for motorcycles, and for vehicles, I had to figure out if the car could fit in the place I drove. But they were straightforward.

Currently, I am learning to pilot a drone (to be more specific, a nano drone which is DJI Mini 3 Pro). Learning to drive a drone feels like learning to cycle, but with great excitement. Every time I fly a drone, I think, "wow! this tiny thing is flying!".

Before flying a drone, I thought flying a drone would be like playing a Super Mario game. Now I assure you, it is similar to that game; only the game starts at the eighth level.

Flying a drone is tricky because the pilot has to learn to navigate in the three-dimensional (3D) space. There's a rare chance that one would have gotten trained to navigate in three-dimensional space. Besides that, If we need to manage the camera on the drone, that is one additional dimension to take care of (movement of the camera is in one line. So, one-dimensional only).

I'll have to keep flying the drone consistently to increase my muscle memory in navigating the drone.

One good news, though, is that if I can learn one drone, I should be able to drive another drone in a short amount of time. Here's a photo I have taken while I was learning to fly drone. I really liked the lines in the bottom half of the photo.

Photo taken by me with the help of my drone - Camera is pointing to down completely.

I will post drone photos and videos, bringing many unique perspectives.

Do you like driving a drone? Let me know which place you would photograph in the comments below.