Learnings from two years of Work From Home

Learnings from two years of Work From Home
Photo by Adolfo Félix / Unsplash

As more and more companies are inviting the employees back to the office, I felt it would be worthwhile to note down the things that helped me while working remotely.

I'll keep this brief and to the point.

Things that made a huge difference:

  1. Having a dedicated room for working, namely the working room and avoiding sleeping in the working room.
  2. Identifying and fixing the echo problem in the working room.
  3. Using very good to great ergonomics while using laptops all day long.
  4. Blocking an hour or two for physical activity and following the exact timelines across days.
  5. Tracking the time spent doing office work almost everyday. I know this is a laborious process, but it has helped me understand if I was working overtime or less time.
  6. Intentionally put off checking work-related apps during the free time.
  7. Creating slight friction for opening office devices.
  8. Using the BlockSite extension and scheduling it to turn on during office times.
  9. Maintaining secondary Wi-Fi in case of power cuts.

Things I have invested in but wasn't mandatory

  1. Earphones or headphones with a great mic.

Things I didn't do but would have helped

  1. Having a friend who is also working fully remote in the next room. (co-working space would have been a great thing).
  2. Hiring professionals to transform the working room with boring walls into a creative space.
  3. Professional lighting setup as YouTubers have.

With these learnings well documented, I'm sure I'll be able to move back to complete WFH setup if a need arises! :)

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