Avoiding Perfection while blogging

Avoiding Perfection while blogging
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In this short article, I will tell you the strategy that helped me to avoid the need to write perfect blog articles.

Professional Software engineers work with very high standards when writing code and documentation. Over time, they become friends with perfection.

As a Professional Software engineer, I feel the need to execute things flawlessly, which pushes me to avoid starting personal projects. If I had started one, I would not finish it.

Perfection takes time.

This was not the case when I was in college. In college, I experimented a lot and would work on personal projects even if they were imperfect.

Because of this perfection problem, I have avoided blogging, which I was very much passionate about, for quite some time.

Recently, I have come across a comment by antitez (original author of Redis), which gave me some clarity on how to approach blogging.

I don't re-read a lot of times my blog posts, because otherwise if this would turn into a lot of work, I could decide to don't blog. I just make sure they are somewhat readable.

After reading this comment, one takeaway for me was to be write articles that are somewhat readable.

This is how I solved the perfection problem:

Workflow to reduce the perfection while blogging:
  1. Finalise the topic.
  2. Write an initial version of the draft. (It can be two lines)
  3. Schedule the post to auto-publish at a future date. (Mostly with a two weeks buffer time)
  4. Read and make edits and enhancements.
  5. Let the post get published.

I believe, this workflow works because I have a hard deadline to finish the article.

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