Best way to make running a new habit

Best way to make running a new habit
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I recently purchased a gym membership to make running a new habit, but my mind keeps telling me I should run outdoors.

I thought I would list why a gym with a good treadmill is also the best place to run.


The climate in a city keeps changing every day. It could rain one day, or it could be unbearably sunny, or it could be cold, or it could be perfect.

Because of the climate changes, there's a high chance of missing out on the running habit. If you miss one day, it's hard to go the next day. We must start over again if you miss two days because of the lousy climate.

The temperature in the gym is controlled and remains the same daily. So every day is the same day, and no need to make your mind get used to a new one.


Depending on the place and time of the run, we tend to attract a lot of insects. If you are running in the evenings (which I do), you might end up attracting mosquitoes which can carry all the stupid diseases in the world.

I've not come across gyms with mosquitoes till now. So, they are safe.


One of the best running practices includes warm-up and cool-down sessions. These activities require you to sit on the floor or lie down, which leads to soiled clothes.

In the gym, there’s no way your clothes get soiled.


When I ran outdoors, the only possible time I could run in my hometown was between 5 to 6 pm. Before this slot, it's too sunny; after this slot, it's full of mosquitoes.

The gym allowed me to visit anytime between 4 and 9 pm which  increased my consistency.


While running, I want to listen to music without keeping my phone (or any additional weight) on me. Storing mobile outdoors is risky.

In the gym, I use Bluetooth earphones to listen to music while my mobile rests in the bag near the storage counter.

Besides, you can carry other things like water bottles or laptops (coming directly from Office) and store them securely.

Tracking the workout

I do interval running sometimes, so I need to monitor my workout continuously. In the case of outdoor running, I need to check my mobile phone to track progress, but it distracts me from my training.

On a treadmill, the treadmill itself has a duration which helps me track my progress effortlessly.

The major drawback of using gyms is that

  • We need to pay money for the service.
  • It would be slightly difficult to find a decent gym that’s closer to your place.

If you can manage both, I recommend enrolling in a gym even if you are not planning to use other weightlifting equipment.

Gyms can increase the risk of transmission of air borne diseases like COVID. But that’s an outlier. In such cases, gyms will be closed for good.

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