Use HTML version of Gmail to quickly lookup OTPs

Use HTML version of Gmail to quickly lookup OTPs
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These days, many websites (One such example is ask the user to provide OTP sent to their email address or SMS to log in to their website.

Looking up the OTP from SMS is pretty convenient. But if you want to read OTP from Gmail, it is not. Reading from the Gmail app is good, but the web app will be loading for a good few seconds, on a laptop, thanks to various integrations like Google Chats, Google meet, Google Calendar and Google Tasks. These integrations are beneficial while collaborating, but it's an overkill for looking up an OTP.

Here's the solution

Use the HTML version of Gmail to look up OTPs quickly. The HTML version of Gmail doesn't have integrations and hence loads at lightening speed.

Here's how you can open the HTML version of Gmail.

Just bookmark this link:

Note: If you have logged into multiple Gmail accounts on your browser, then you can change the number after /u/ in the link above. See below for examples.

[0] =

[1] =

[2] =

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