DALL-E Artwork

DALL-E Artwork
Indian cute girl oil painting

I created the below paintings with the help of DALL-E.

If you haven't heard of DALL-E, see my blog post explaining it.

I wanted to try and analyse the creation of artwork by DALL-E from Indian culture's perspective, and here are some of the results. The initial inputs I gave to DALL-E weren't that satisfactory. I gave many prompts to DALL-E, but only a few were satisfactory. But since this is an AI, I am optimistic that it would evolve to support this segment.

Here's some of the artwork I created with the help of DALL-E from Indian culture's perspective.

Digital Painting of an Indian child struggling to study
Oil painting of two brothers crossing the chaotic Indian road. 
A young man watching gateway of India in the morning with sunrise in the background, digital Painting.
An impressionist painting containing an Indian male adult in his 20s before standing before Eiffel Tower with water canal visible on a nice sunny day
Crowded Indian roads at night. Puck art

People doing the Garba. Dwarkadhish Temple in the background. Digital art.
A silhouette of a dinosaur walking near the Taj Mahal during the golden hours. The background is beautiful with shades of red and orange with slight blue.

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